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Reclusive Spiritualist,
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with Titanic Thompson.
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The Reclusive Spiritualist, Eeba Shabeeba, Meditates.

BREAKING NEWS! See another new #1...below!

Through a special arrangement with us, the reclusive spiritualist, Eeba Shabeeba, has successfully made contact with Titanic Thompson.

Mr. Shabeeba will channel any email question you may have directly to Titanic. Any question Titanic chooses to answer, will be published on this website.

The following is the very latest exchange between the reclusive Eeba Shabeeba and Titanic Thompson.

ES: From--David York, Tulsa, OK--

Hello Titanic. Hey! Who is going to play you in Sunbelt Productions' movie based on Richard Campbell's book--TITANIC THOMPSON:STROKE OF GENIUS?

TT: Through the years, my family and I have been approached by a lot of Hollywood people who wanted to make a movie about me and were pretty surprised to find out there was no Thompson family. My real name was Alvin C. Thomas. "Titanic Thompson" was just a character I created just like Red Skelton created "Clem Kaddiddlehopper" and Bob Kane created "Batman."  

Here is the legal thing. The only people in your world who have the legal right to make a movie about me, Alvin Clarence Thomas, are the folks who bought ALL of my family's rights and put up this website...Sunbelt Productions, Inc...a corporation down in Texas. To repeat, Sunbelt bought ALL RIGHTS, lock stock and barrel, from the estate and living heirs of me, A.C. Thomas, over a period of several years, beginning in 1978 and ending when they made the final purchase in 1986. 

OK. Wait a minute...something new is coming in. 


BREAKING NEWS! Yet, another new #1 was unexpectedly received from Titanic Thompson fans while Eeba was meditating in his psychic chamber:

1. Benedict Cumberbatch-- He can do anything!

2. Benjamin Walker--Hey! Who is this guy?  OK. Got it. He was in that fish movie...or was it a whale? Damned if he doesn't look a lot like me. But...can he act?

3. Jon Hamm -- Even up here, we know about this guy. Women are Mad about him. They tell me Hamm was born in Missouri so like Brad Pitt, he might understand a little about me. Great actor, good athlete (except when he caught Roger Clemens at UT Austin), very good golfer, same dark looks as me. He bears watching! 

This is really, really getting interesting. 

Thus ended the latest psychic conversation between
the reclusive spiritualist, Eeba Shabeeba, and Titanic Thompson.

If you have a question for Titanic Thompson Email us at:

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