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Pardon us folks, but like so many others, our supply chain was slowed by the pandemic.

But, we do have a limited number of items available.


For information about ordering an 

and please note as your subject... "Ordering Merchandise."


And, when this pandemic problem is over, we'll be busy puttin' that ® brand 

on our new, expanded line of Titanic Thompson brand merchandise.


Remember, when it comes to choosing a gift for a loved one,

a business associate, your golfing partner, or yourself, you'll want only 

authentic, top-quality TITANIC THOMPSON ® brand merchandise.

 Model #102

What's Black and White and "Read" All Over?
Our new white-on-black TITANIC THOMPSON ® brand
 golf cap.  With our elegant logo on the front of your cap,
and the dates which commemorate his life on the back,
your opponent won't be able to take his eyes off it.
It's made from 100% cotton, brushed denim twill and
features an adjustable fabric strap.

It's the perfect gift!
Because, the man who has everything, doesn't have this.

The New
TITANIC THOMPSON ® putting ball.

The man who has everything
doesn't have this.

Sold only in Sleeve of 3 balls
$14.99 plus S&H

Golf Towel
Model #200

Among the most luxurious golf towels in the world.  Your
personal TITANIC THOMPSON ® golf towel is made from
100% cotton velour and features the distinctive, elegant,
 and beautifully embroidered TITANIC THOMPSON ® logo.
It comes complete with a brass grommet and clip.

And, it's the perfect gift!
Because the man who has everything, doesn't have this.


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