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December 2016!

Reclusive Spiritualist,
Eeba Shabeeba has
yet again established contact
with Titanic Thompson.


New message

from Titanic Thompson!



to enter the psychic
portal to read the latest news 
and also to submit a question directly to

Titanic Thompson.


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"Titanic Thompson" is now a Registered Trademark.

We are pleased to announce that after years of careful, legal review,
The United States Patent and Trademark Office has ruled that
"Titanic Thompson" is now a Registered Trademark
of Sunbelt Productions, Inc.


A Legal Notice from Sunbelt Productions, Inc.

In 1986, we made the final purchase of Motion Picture and Television rights, as well as ALL other rights, from the estate and living heirs of Alvin C. Thomas, aka Titanic Thompson. 

Those rights were purchased in perpetuity.

Sunbelt Productions, Inc. is a Texas Corporation.


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282 Pages 

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To inquire about Mr. Campbell's screenplay...

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Titanic Thompson
Stroke of Genius
Richard Campbell

A high-quality, soft-cover book 
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 in your collection.

"I really enjoyed this book.
This would make a great Movie." - M. Widener

"I found your book engrossing, fascinating,
 eminently readable, very well written." - M. Bell

"Well written and very entertaining.  I was sorry
 that it had to end, and I am looking forward
 to the next one." - D. Horne

Based on the true-life adventures of
Alvin Clarence Thomas, the man who
created the character, "Titanic Thompson"
and lived the secret life of America's
seminal golfer, gambler, hustler.

Now you can finally read the story of:

  • His early years in Arkansas

  • His explosion on the New York Gambling/golfing scene

  • The match he always hoped for with Howard Hughes

  • His first love

First In A Series

Titanic Thompson Stroke of Genius: Book II
by Richard Campbell
You've been waiting for it, now here it comes!
New book coming in 2020!

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Motion Picture Rights to either of our books:
"Titanic Thompson Stroke of Genius"
"The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson"
are owned by Richard Campbell/Sunbelt Productions, Inc




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